Solo responds to Axe’s fallen angels

SOLO tactical


After a viewer laid a complaint against the Axe Fallen Angels commercial, claiming it offends Christians, the ASA (Advertising Authority of South Africa) ruled that the ad be pulled. In response Bester Burke Slingers have come up with this tactical ad for their client and Axe competitor Solo.




ECD : Stephen Burke
CD : Wallace Seggie
CW : Stephen Burke
AD : Tim Jones


See the original Axe commercial HERE. The angels appeared without their halos in the edited version for South African TV. Do you think it should’ve been pulled?



  1. Okay quick turn around but I have to ask… are “down-to-earth women” that appealing to the overly sexually charged men targeted in their previous adverts? I think not.

  2. The Axe/Lynx falling angels campaign has been run worldwide and done really well at that, without causing “controversy” of offending anyone. So why are South Africans getting their knickers in knots?

  3. “kn…” is a bad word, Kate. I hope 10and5 censor that irresponsible comment for all our sakes.

  4. Stupid ad! So Solo men prefer average women?

  5. ahhahahaaaaahahaaah funny from solo……i’m an axe guy no offence to anyone