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Nando’s drops it like it’s *not* hot



Big fans of Nando’s and their always hot tactical ads we’d like to bring you their latest TVC (see above) and the reason behind it. Read on:


While some of you like it hot, there are plenty others who say: ‘Not so much!’. Nando’s has decided to drop it like it’s, well, not-hot by introducing a new flavour of awesomeness – Tangy Tomato. (Thank you Nando’s!)


Why tomatoes? That’s easy; they’re only the most badass fruit on the planet. The Spanish even have a dedicated festival to the heavenly redness.


All nom, and no burn, Tangy Tomato is the perfect choice for Nando’s lovers who prefer a less intense Peri-Peri experience. Think sun-ripened tomatoes with a touch of aromatic basil and a splash of balsamic vinegar – Winning!


Anyone given it a try? Like the idea? Let ’em know what you think in the comments section below.


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