Riebeek Cellars by Stickmen



Digital marketing agency Stickmen was asked to create an online space for Riebeek Cellars, situated in the artistic town, Riebeek Kasteel. The brief was to push the boundaries and represent the uniqueness of the town and cellar through the new web presence. Stickmen explains how they answered it:


The concept was to create some interest by illustrating the town’s most iconic structures and bring them to life by animating them and combining some functionality through navigation. The challenge was to accomplish this without Adobe Flash, which would exclude too many users. We opted for a custom Jquery, animation and many PNGs.


The loading time is on the slow side, but through some load-sharing intervention, we managed to speed it up for their European and Asian target markets. The remaining interface design is meant to resemble the quirkiness of Riebeek Kasteel, and the uniqueness of Riebeek Cellar with all the latest functionality to drive the overall digital marketing campaign.




Creative Director – Ruan Boezaart

Development & Design – Stickmen Digital Marketing

Illustration – Jan Solms & Rohan Etsebeth (Fanakalo Visual Communication)


Have a look: www.riebeekcellars.com


Screen shot

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