Happy Feet 2 screenshot

Happy Feet 2 – ‘Do a barrel roll’

Happy Feet 2 screenshot
Happy Feet 2 screenshot


Google’s search trick ‘Do a barrel roll’ went viral last week and Quirk was quick to take advantage for their client Warner Bros. If you missed out on the hype and didn’t get to try it out for yourself then take a look at the video below. If the phrase ‘Do a barrel roll’ was typed into the Google search bar then the entire computer screen would do a 360 degree turn.


This sparked an idea for Quirk’s Daniel Kolossav:


I saw the Google barrel roll pretty much as it was released. In the screenshots you’ll see that there are few news stories at the time, right next to the ad as the first organic result. Based on this I thought that I should grab this opportunity and write an ad or two for Happy Feet, given volumes were going to spike hard, though CPCs would still be low at this point. I considered that ‘do a barrel roll’ is quite relevant for the penguins given they dive, flip and slide around everywhere in the trailer, so I drove a controlled campaign to the Warner Bros. channel.


It ran for three hours only and we got strong clicks and CTR.




Between 10 and 5