The Jupiter Drawing Room launches Constructus



In support of Global Entrepreneurship Week, The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) is launching a new initiative – The Constructus Masterclass & Award – in association with Woolworths, Sanlam & Design Indaba. By offering support to majority black-owned creative enterprises, the initiative hopes to help transform Cape Town’s creative industry. For more info, visit the website:




Stop Motion Animation:

Creative Director: Joanne Thomas.

Account Manager: Lauren Brabant.

Art Director & Illustrator: Karabo Makenna.

Copywriter, Director/Photographer & Editor: Batandwa Alperstein.

Production Assistant: Bokamoso Selaelo.

Music: Petite Noir – “Maison Noir”



Creative Director: Joanne Thomas.

Account Manager: Lauren Brabant.

Graphic Designers: Sibu Kolwapi & Thulani Tshabalala.

Copywriters: Jonathan Commerford & Batandwa Alperstein.

Digital Producer: Dave Mackay.

Photography & Production: Karabo Makenna & Bokamoso Selaelo.

Developer: Jim Nicholson.







  1. Nice one guys!

  2. ye olde naysayer

    cool idea.
    there’s a little ‘old english’ murdering happening on your website’s programme section.

    just so you know:
    Thou is only used when you mean ‘you’ so: ‘you must balance’ becomes ‘thou must balance’. when ownership is implied as in ‘your consumer’ the correct word is ‘thy’ so your sentences should read: Love thy consumer, balance thy creative etc.

  3. only nine years after waddy jones did it.
    way to stay on the cutting edge

  4. @naysayer – thanks for the grammar lesson, much appreciated, will change it. respect.

    @chris there’s no new idea under the sun & funnily enough the name wasn’t a reference to the corporation, it’s just a fitting name for the initiative – but nothing but respect to those masters of electronica (the whole crew, not just waddy aka ninja), hopefully it’s a kindred connection.

    nothing but love.

  5. Love how no new ideas is actually being used as a valid excuse. Tell that to Droga 5 with the Bing/Jay Z campaign and W+K Old Spice campaign. Yip. Absolutely no new ideas left. Tired.

  6. Love this idea. In the words of Batandwa: NOTHING BUT LOVE! Well done to everyone that worked on this initiative.