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Graduate Series: Michael van Heerden

dear john


After getting his diploma in graphic design and working in the industry for 6 years, Mike van Heerden decided to quit his job at the beginning of this year, and return to student life. He enrolled at Durban University of Technology to complete his degree in an area of graphic design that he has always been interested in: The use of wood in graphic design as a tactile medium.


Mike says, “Wood, as a material, has always been a medium that has caught my attention and is a substrate that is beautiful and has a character of its own. I really just love the texture and depth that it creates. For me, there is something about 3 dimensional, tactile art that creates an experience for its audience. Really, I am just inspired by wood and its endless possibilities.”


We asked about his plans after graduating for the second time. His reply was,”I didn’t expect the response that I have received so far, I mean, it’s such an honour to have people speak about something you’ve created, so positively. At this moment, I’m figuring out if this type of design has a viable market, because I’d love to keep creating. I’d really love to see my work in people’s homes or work spaces. If I could break into the interior design market that would be awesome too! I can see myself exploring furniture / industrial design, but right now I’m just at the beginning of what seems to be an exciting venture and am looking forward to what’s ahead.”


All the best, Mike!


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