Black Tuesday responses.

Our support of the Black Tuesday protests.


Yesterday saw some awesome tributes to the Black Tuesday protests and since, brands have been jumping on the band wagon. Here is a collection of responses. We’d love to know what you think.


Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone SA changed their usually red logo to black.


Times LIVE
Times LIVE makes a statement with their daily poll.


Mail & Guardian
Mail & Guardian blacked out their main image.


Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay made their profile picture on their Facebook page black.


UCT 'censored' their website.


Business Live
Business Live blacked out all the images on their website.


Nando's response went viral yesterday.


Playboy SA's tactical ad by Design Guru.


Whats for Dinner?
Liquorice made this tactical ad for Knorr's What's for Dinner?



  1. I wish they’d blacked out that playboy model’s face. Gross

  2. Oh snap! She is fugly!