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Cameron Barnes – responsible furniture designer


Cameron Barnes, a Cape Town-based furniture maker designs tables and chairs with a story. Where the materials come from and who has used it goes into creating pieces that are unique and have history.


In a world where things are made to be used once and then discarded, Barnes focuses on creating furniture that is made to last. And it’s eco-friendly and sustainable.


Each piece is made from alien timber species that are milled locally. Barnes also incorporates reclaimed glass and other ‘waste’ materials into his “no nails and no glue” work. He believes in the cradle-to-cradle ethic which means that the materials he uses are able to live through cycles of adaptation and uses. He’ll even go so far as to buy back a piece that has outlived its utility at the value of the materials it’s made with.


Barnes works from an intimate workshop in Woodstock to create pieces that are one-offs and are designed to be disassembled and be reused. He wants to challenge his customers to rethink the idea of ownership and prefers to think of selling his furniture as long-term leases.


Check out his website for more info and to see more of his work.








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