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MK’s Music Video Project



For this year’s Music Video Project, local music channel MK commissioned a number South African artists/bands to pair up with a South African production company to produce a music video. Here are the results:


Ashtray Electric: Bittersweet Manipulator (above)


Production house : Motion City Films
Director : Helen J. Raine
Producer : Anastasia Tsobanopulos
Cinematographer : Kim Hinrichs
Camera Operator : Kim Hinrichs
Film Editor : Duran Barnett
Production Designer : Jaco Loots
Art Director : Jaco Loots
Set Designer : Jaco Loots (set designer); Sarah Biggs (paper-set designer + paper-set artist)
Props Master : Jaco Loots
Costume Designer : Liesl Strydom
Make-up Artists : Liesl Strydom
Hairdresser : Liesl Strydom
Visual/Special Effects : Blake Prinsloo (special effects supervisor)
Colourist : Kim Hinrichs & Blake Prinsloo
Grip/gaffer : Zenn van Zyl (Gaffer); Jason Aldridge (Key grip); Peter Vanderbyl Smuts
Additional crew : Fahemah Hendricks (Focus puller); Bernard Myburgh (Camera Assistant); Jolynn Minnaar (DIT); Stacey Keppler (Data wrangler)




iScream & The Chocolate Stix: Schizo


Production house : Mannequin Pictures
Director : Porteus Xandau
Producer : Hailey Jade Koch & Schuyler Vorster
Cinematographer : Shaun Lee
Camera Operator : Zach Vincent (Second camera operator)
Film Editor : Amy Luise Daneel
Production Designer : Carmen Lotz
Set Designer : Carmen Lotz
Props Master : Carmen Lotz
Costume Designer : Dom Murray & Frances Miller
Make-up Artists : Caitlin Killassy
Colourist : Kyle Stroebel
Motion Graphics : Nick De Villiers
Sound design : Daniel Matthee
Grip/gaffer : Bernard Sterk




Dance You’re On Fire: Oh Love


Production house : The Now Museum
Director : Lee-Anne Holmes (Director); Paul van der Walt (Asssistant Director)
Producer : Dawid Theron
Cinematographer : Toby Harris
Camera Operator : Jacq Terblanche
Film Editor : Lee-Anne Holmes
Production Designer : Claire Hayward
Props Master : Claire Hayward
Costume Designer : Claire Hayward
Visual/Special Effects :
Colourist : Lee-Anne Holmes
Grip/gaffer : Chuanne Blofield, James Mercer & Imran Goga (Grips)
Additional crew : Tim Watson (DIT); Tannan Woods (Lighting)




Double Adaptor: Eat You Alive


Production house : Mustard Post Production
Director : Matthew Stonier
Producer : Tim Apter
Cinematographer : Charl Fraser
Film Editor : Matthew Stonier
Production Designer : Jean Michel Wickli
Costume Designer : Samantha Constable
Make-up Artists : Julia Rubinstein & Amy Anstey
Colourist : Alastair Thomas
Sound design : Tim Apter




Duimpie Se Maat: Moonshine


Production house : Tank Films
Director : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Producer : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Cinematographer : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Camera Operator : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Film Editor : Rudi Louw
Production Designer : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Art Director : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Set Designer : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Props Master : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Costume Designer : Rudi Louw & Piet Bez
Make-up Artists : Carla Louw
Hairdresser : Carla Louw
Visual/Special Effects : Piet Bez
Colourist : Rudi Louw




Goodluck: Harlem


Production house : Dirty Soul Productions
Director : Kyle Lewis
Producer : Cait Pansegrouw
Cinematographer : Roscoe Vercueil
Camera Operator : Roscoe Vercueil
Film Editor : Cathy Michel
Production Designer : Bianca Prinsloo
Art Director : Bianca Prinsloo
Set Designer : Bianca Prinsloo
Props Master : Bianca Prinsloo
Costume Designer : Sarah Ann Whittal
Make-up Artists : Sarah Ann Whittal
Hairdresser : Sarah Ann Whittal
Visual/Special Effects : Kevin Bitters (Special effects supervisor)
Colourist : Kyle Stroebel




Isochronous: Destiny


Production house : Silver Lining Pictures
Director : Willem Grobler
Producer : Renier Ridgeway
Cinematographer : Shaun Lee
Camera Operator : Khalied Manuel
Film Editor : Willem Grobler
Production Designer : Kerry von Lillienfeld
Art Director : Kerry von Lillienfeld
Set Designer : Cape Town Film Studios
Props Master : Kerry von Lillienfeld
Costume Designer : Gaven Rajah & Wolf Clothing (separate designers)
Make-up Artists : Charmaine de Kock
Hairdresser : Charmaine de Kock
Visual/Special Effects : Matthew Desmond-Smith
Colourist : Jenine Lindeque




Krimineel: Gebed van ‘n Reeksmoorde


Production house : The Film Factory
Director : Andrew Thompson
Producer : Maryke Piketh
Cinematographer : David Pienaar
Camera Operator : Drikus vd Merwe (Focus Puller); David Pienaar (D.O.P)
Film Editor : Quinn Lubbe
Art Director : Candice Moir
Make-up Artists : Julia Rubinstein




Moses Metro Man: Samoerai


Production house : Doktrine Ontwerp
Director : M.J. du Preez
Cinematographer : Jaco Jansen
Camera Operator : Jaco Jansen
Film Editor : Johan Cronje
Production Designer : Lizelle Engelbrecht
Colourist : Eduan Kitching




Mr. Cat & The Jackal: Try


Production house : Man Makes a Picture
Director : Pierre-Arnold Theron
Producer : Jac Williams & Ross Rayners
Cinematographer : Kobus Louw
Camera Operator : Jacques le Roux
Film Editor : Jacques le Roux
Art Director : Melissa Dreyer
Set Designer : Pierre-Arnold Theron, Melissa Dreyer, Daneille Jacobs
Props Master : Melissa Dreyer (Prop master); Daneille Jacobs & Marius Joubert (Puppet masters)
Costume Designer : Bea Visagie
Make-up Artists : Caitlin Killassy
Hairdresser : Renee Hopkins
Colourist : Paul Fischer




The Frown: The National


Production house : Magic Factory


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