MWEB – Free the Web



MWEB is calling on consumers to add their voice to an online petition in favour of Naked ADSL.


At the moment, Telkom is bundling ADSL lines with telephone landlines and making consumers pay for both, even if you don’t want or need a phone line. By splitting the two and only paying for an ADSL line, the cost of internet connectivity in SA will come down over the long term.


This campaign by Quirk for MWEB, called Free the Web, urges us to fight for the right to choose whether we want to pay for a landline or not.


Watch the video above then visit the Free the Web SA facebook page where you can show your support for Naked ADSL or follow the campaign on twitter @FreeTheWebSA. Spread the word by using the hashtag #NakedADSL.



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