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Screen shot

Illville Hotel

Screen shot


We’re loving this idea by the Am I Collective team that invites designers/illustrators to ‘decorate’ a room of the Illville Hotel. We asked them to tell us all about it:


Illville Hotel is the Am I Collective’s latest collaboration. Much like our previous projects Bare and Doggy Style, artists were invited to submit their creative interpretation of, this time, a virtual hotel room. The project is still a work in progress but talented folk from over 25 different countries have already committed to this fun idea. Each guest is given an opportunity to link their portfolios to their submission and hopefully this creates a platform for them to get further commissions. We believe a platform with a common theme affords a prospective client the opportunity to base their decisions on the artists ability to interpret a common brief.  


We have used the Behance network as a back-end platform and found it to be extremely user friendly – even allowing small animated GIFs to enhance the hotel facade. The project will showcase 133 illustrators work. There’s no big idea here – just a fun project for like minded people to chill out with, after what has been a loooong 2011. Hope you enjoy.


Jean de Wet


Jean de Wet‘s room.


Si Maclennan


Si Maclennan‘s room.




Marchand‘s room.


Between 10 and 5