Inivisible Cities


Inivisible Cities


Invisible Cities is back and this time it’s something completely different. After the icy winds of the rooftop of a derelict building, to the stark white, unfriendly third floor, partitioned by cages, to the warm tropical hands-in-the-air party soundtracked by Les Fantastiques Guys for Invisible Cities Part 1 to 3, The Skeleton Crew is creating a temporary drive-in for Part 4.


You’re invited to drive up with a car full of friends or on your own, tune into a given station and enjoy the music. The audience is integral here, as the cumulative sound of all the cars will form the sound system for the live performances. The more cars, the louder the music, the more layered, textured and immersive the experience.


Invisible Cities Drive In will feature – Carlo Mombelli, featuring Marcus Wyatt, Sidney Mnisi and Justin Badenhorst will meet up with Bittereinder.


Doors open at 2pm this Sunday the 4th with DJ’s, bands start at 3pm.

Tickets are R50 and pre-sale tickets are only available at The Bioscope.

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance

Venue to be confirmed (Map and directions will be available soon at


Between 10 and 5