Rebel Alliance 3 (& pics from 2)

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It’s time for another night of audio&visual thrills presented by So Many Animal Calls at The Bioscope. Rebel Alliance is back with “Retirement of the Sith” going down in Jozi next Saturday for the last time till 2012.




The Cape Town 5-piece bring their unique brand of instrumental awesomen…ess to The Bioscope for the first time!


Eyes Like Mirrors!
Alliance favourite’s ELM, armed with the power of cinema rock mayhem. continue their crusade against The Evil Empire.
Slave Race 2!
The second installment of Matt McFarlane’s animated rebelion! This month: Secret Societies and their subversive impact on South African history.


Teen Creeps!
The premier screening of this debut film from upstart awesomeness collective, “Lovechild”!


I’m further away than I usually am!
Coinciding with their live performance, Bateleur unveil their highly anticipated new music video, directed by Christopher Bisset.


“Turn Your Light Up High” vs “Pixel Pirates”!
Jozi’s renegades of technology return with a brand new bag of freshly hacked video and lighting tricks.


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Have a look at these pics taken by Hanro Havenga at the last Rebel Alliance to get a taste for what you’re in for:


008 copy (3)s

010 copys

013 copy (2)s

015 copys

016 copy (2)s

017 copy (2)s

030 copys

033 copy (2)s



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