Mavericks billboard ‘vandalised’.

Mavericks 'vandalised' billboard


Spot the difference. The Mavericks fragrances billboard on Kloofnek Rd, one of a series currently up around Cape Town, was slightly altered last night. A rogue billboard-bomber has given the model some underwear and added the words ‘and women’ to the end of ‘Fragrances for men’. The act follows widespread controversy and concern surrounding the billboards.


Please excuse the drive-by pic. We’re sure clearer ones will emerge throughout the day.


The original:


original mav board


What do you think – should they be taken down?



Cape Town


  1. They were gagging for it.

  2. yeah, it’s more about equality now, but it still objectifies women, which is no help to doing about creating a free and fair democracy. Oh wait, we don’t have a democracy….

  3. meh. I’m not sure who has less imagination, the agency or the ‘rogue billboard bomber’.

  4. Have to appreciate the workmanship, those undies look authentic.
    I also love the juxtaposition, ‘glamour and beauty’ above trash service yards protected by electric fencing.

  5. The thing that offends me most about this campaign is that the quotation marks don’t close off.

  6. Saw two guys putting it up last night around 7pm, they looked quite organised. Those undies do look pretty authentic.

  7. hahaha…i actually saw it happening last night, thought the peeps hanging out there looked very peculiar 🙂

  8. Surely this was an inside job?

  9. What I’m still confused by is that the fragrance is ‘for men’, and yet the stripper working late is female. Are mavericks going after the tranny dollar?

  10. HAHAHA – classic commentary from everyone on this post! I’ll +1 that for a $!
    Trash collection area + cameras and electric fencing – dont they check the site they pay for?

    No closing of ” – WTF – is their proof reader blind in 1 eye?

    For Men – but the image is a stripper – maybe this is a fragrance for strippers post their shift – so they smell less like stripper?

    LOL @Mavericks = this article has earned them more exposure that their crappy Billboard

    HAHAHAHA FAILING & WINNING all in the same “bad marketing” step.

  11. How rude don’t they realise these girls actually live and work in Cape Town.