A Collection of Work by TJDR and Woolworths



We asked The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town to send us some of their favourite work produced during the 5 year TDJR and Woolworths partnership. Here is the work they love the most.






Screen shot

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Got any favourites?



  1. Obviously not good enough…

  2. I would like to see what comes out of “in-house” in the next year.

  3. Beautiful, solid work produced under far from perfect circumstances. *APPLAUSE*

  4. incredible quality work here – perfection in retail – well done

  5. Woolworths “In-house” certainly has big shoes to fill. Well done Jupiter. Good luck Woolworths. We’ll be watching.

  6. wouldn't go that far

    it’s solid.
    it’s not awesome.

  7. Incredibly proud of JDR’s Woolworths team!

  8. As far as I know Vince Frost has/had a contract as CD on Woolworths. Did Jupiter do anything more other than implement his creative direction?

  9. wow! amazing work. love the style..

  10. Always been wowed by the food photography, a mouth-watering vision.

  11. wouldn't go that far's father

    Hey, you’re gonna get a spanking tonight! Don’t be foolish!

  12. I think Vince Frost changed the W logo and then went back to Australia. This work sets the benchmark for fashion, food and retail advertising in SA. Wonderful stuff, Jupiters.

  13. Awesome work Jupiter. Will be interested to see how the in-house/cost-cutting offering compares….

  14. Very proud of all this work. Well done team! xxx

  15. Well done to all at JDR. You created the Woolworths personality, tone and manner. Most amazing work! I’m proud to have worked with you guys in when I was at Woolies. Massive shoes to fill…

  16. Take a bow, team… and toast the success of a golden era.

  17. TJDR you made the difference – you’ll make it again, simple really.

  18. I am proud to have been apart of such a great creative team. All the pressure, energy and devotion has made a difference. To the team at TJDRCT. You made the difference.

  19. No matter what happens you can be proud. You have made a family for life together through all the hard work, hardships, sacrifices and victories together….. well done guys!

  20. Wow, what a welcome change to those naive and unfounded comments on Bizcommunity. I will miss you all very much. Thank you for a wonderful 6 years.

  21. These people clearly love their braai’s… Clearly.

  22. I loved the BLACK ads. Beautiful art direction.

  23. TJDR awesome!! the work was absolutely great well done Team Jupiter u guys are lengends

  24. the work is amazing and inspiring, it made woolworths the brand we all love and trust today.

  25. TJDR raised the bar for retail advertising in South Africa. Respect.

  26. So so proud of having been apart of an amazing team during my time at TJDR on WW! It was an honour!

  27. Wow, quite dramatic booting the agency that has gotten you this far. TJDR did some really good work. The inhouse retail design team, Nick and the guys have been doing excellent work and I’m guessing this is why they’ve decided to pull it inhouse. Looking at the spread of work here that Jupiter did I’m holding thumbs that some other massive client that needs creative flair jumps the gap now and gets all this attention to their brand…

  28. Anthony de Klerk

    Love the work. Especially the TV music stuff. Great to see such a nice lateral take on a retail offering.
    Well done to TDJR and WW.
    Good luck to the in-house team.

  29. Personally, the stuff I loved most was the topical FIFA World Cup ingredients ads (French Toast, anyone?) BUT, having said that, the TJDR team always went beyond the call of duty to pull off work the client could always be proud of. Here’s hoping a courageous, playful client walks through Jupiter’s doors soon. They could not go wrong.

  30. @Anthony de Klerk. Nice message, and yes – it was thrilling to be part of the music, which I believe ALWAYS makes an ad.

  31. I think the campaigns have been beautiful and enticing, not your usual retail. Well done to the JDR.

  32. Ag get over yourself TJDR! Boo-hooooo! The fact is anyone can do awesome retail with a bank full of bucks and the right stylists…