Mavericks Billboard ‘reworked’ again.


  1. A for effort, C- for aim…

  2. I may become vastly unpopular for saying this but how exactly are these “fragrance” billboards any different from other equally “sexy” billboards advertising perfume/cologne? I get that some may have a issue with the strip club connotation and the “its promoting sex and infidelity” part of the argument. But I am struggling to see the difference between this and most other perfume billboards who have women and men dressed far more provocatively. What you see here is straight up vandalism. Of course the free press and attention these vandals are giving Alibi’s far outweighs any advertising costs. Way to go Irony Vandals!

  3. This really is disappointing work. Nobody thought to swap out the ‘or’ in ‘working’ for an ‘an’ yet? Black paint, white paint, two stencils, sorted.

  4. @johan
    i agree.
    seems like its personal

  5. I simply don’t understand the outrage at these billboards.. It’s not like Mavericks can advertise the price of a lapdance, so they came up with this, to remind a bunch of gents that they’re still there and it’s worked.

    All the free PR that they’re getting now is a direct result of misdirected ‘activism’ and it hasn’t been very clever at all. Throwing paint over something is vandalism, simple & stupid.

  6. Luke – must be lazy vandals 🙂 definitely not the fine work we saw happening in the McDonalds AdBust.

  7. Stereotype VANDAL

    This is no Vandalism Boys and Girls , this is those DAMN Feminists !! I think they should rather stick to knitting and baking !

  8. They clearly lack the core strength to maintain a steady spray. Pole dancing lessons work wonders for that.

    All this noise is pathetic. These billboards are cheeky and harmless.
    People need to get over themselves. The air seems to be pretty thin up there on their high horses.