Walkie Talkie TV



Walkie Talkie is a documentary travel show, started by Thomas Blatcher, which blends a combination of videography, animation, stop-frame and time-lapse photography.


Their 2 person crew recently drove to Malawi for their first project called “the warm heart of Africa”.  During the 2 months they spent there, they made 12 short videos about the culture, colour and customs of the Malawian people, as experienced by backpacking travelers.


They did the pre-production, production and post-production themselves and are currently finishing the full 24 minute episode. The hope for Walkie Talkie TV is to do more of these short videos in the future, mainly focused on small developing countries.


For more please visit their website : www.walkietalkie.tv, blog : www.walkietalkietv.tumblr.com and vimeo channel: www.vimeo.com/walkietalkie






Between 10 and 5