Margot 1

Wishlist: Margot Molyneux

Margot 1


We asked local fashion designer Margot Molynuex to share what’s on her all-SA wishlist this holiday season. Take a look:


1. A Jade Klara Print

I think I must be one of her biggest fans. I don’t think I need explain why.


Margot 2

2. A Dear Rae gold stone ring.


Margot 3

3. Starling & Hero Bike

I used to ride around on my granny’s big old bike when I was younger. I want one of my own.


Margot 4

4. A pair of these beautiful Good sandals.


Margot 5

5. Anything from Whimsy: a print, a calendar, a wall sticker.


Margot 6

6. A Missibaba flapper bag.


Thanks, Margot!


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