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Wishlist: Charl Edwards

Charl 1


Charl Edwards is the online editor for ELLE Decoration SA, a publication that prides itself on showcasing local design. Who better to end off our Wishlist series?  We started the series to show you what amazing locally made products are out there and to encourage you to buy South African when doing your gift-shopping this December. Charl shares some great ideas here, for more, visit the previous Wishlists.  Happy Holidays!


1. Good Heavens hot air balloon tie


I’ll be wearing this on New Year’s eve. Hot air balloons make me happy. And so does wearing a tie. So it’s a winning combo.


Charl 2


2. Haldane Martin Chair


I want to sit on this. But it’s WAY out of my price range. This, and the next item on this list, are two of my favourite South African designs of the moment.


Charl 3


3. Heath Nash hand-blown recycled vase


I would do anything to get my hands on this. Made as part of a workshop in Swaziland, only one of these exists. The combination of glass and wire is unusual and HOT.


Charl 4


4. Missibaba Tote bag (& purse)


I have to confess, I LOVE bags (I’ve been labeled a ‘bag lady’ by many). So I’m embracing the look with these HOT bags by Chloe Townsend. And I’m thinking the matching purse would be great as a phone cover (why not?!). I LOVE her prints and colour combos.


Charl 5


5. Katrin Coetzer illustration


I’m in love with her work. Her cut-out/pop-up illustrations at Salon91 Gallery’s group show ‘If you let yourself love a wild thing’ is quite simply incredible. I’m also in love with her small book cover series, featured earlier this year in ELLE Decoration.


Charl 6


6. Lyall Sprong‘s Roughly Turned Tresle Table




Charl 7


7. Porky Hefer‘s Pie-chart table


This puts a smile on my face every time I see it : )


Thanks Charl!


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