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Wishlist: Thithi Nteta

Thithi 1


This is the first of 2 Wishlists coming your way today and is shared by Thithi Nteta. Thithi’s well known blog is tee tee is with me and you’ll also find her on twitter, here. Her ‘About’ section reads as she says ‘like a messy love story with multiple lovers’ having worked for Cosmo, as a freelance stylist, as a broadcast designer and producer and as a fashion publicist on the NSW, True Religion, Max Mara and Gerard Darel accounts. These are her top picks of local gifts this season:


1. Matblac iWallet


I know that this accessory is designed for a man’s lifestyle because Matblac specialises in leather handcrafted apparel, but this iWallet by Matblac is honestly a serious covet for me. My friend Franklin has one and it’s just super convenient. I barely carry actual cash with me so this very cool accessory would do wonders for my life. Now to complete the look and get an iPhone.


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2. 2BOP Cap


I don’t have hair at the moment, so I have become a little bit concerned with how I accessorize my head and face, and ever since I saw these 2BOP 5 panel watermelon and candy stripe caps at STR.CRD, I have wanted one. At R250 each and free delivery around the country, I think I could actually buy either one of these for myself.


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3. Avant


I rave about Avant on my blog all the time and have yet to be lucky enough to own one of their pieces. I would love anything from their summer collection, which is all about the good life, summer holidays and casual luxury.


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4. Honeycomb bookcase from Casanyumba


When I finally have the will to do something about my living situation, this honeycomb bookcase from Casanyumba will be a welcome addition. However, I don’t have to wait till then, if someone is willing to buy it for me right now for Christmas I will welcome it with open arms.


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5. Missibaba Pussycat Cha-Ching mini slingbag


When I first saw this Missibaba Pussycat Cha-Ching mini slingbag I laughed and immediately wanted it. I can’t put my finger on what it is that I love about this bag, but it’s from Missibaba so I know it’s well made and lovely to own.


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