MINI Coupé 3D shark billboard

MINI Coupé billboard


MINI Coupe’s massive new 3D billboard at Cape Town International is bigger than live-scale and features the car in a shark cage, surrounded by sharks. The pay-off line reads ‘Another Day. Another Adventure’. The billboard kicks off a campaign that is not only a visible manifestation of MINI South Africa’s adventurous nature but also aims to highlight their commitment to AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AOCA) – which is working towards safeguarding the sharks in our oceans.


AOCA’s Lesley Rochat speaks about the association between MINI and the organisation, “Our oceans and shark populations are in deep trouble and we at AfriOceans are doing something about it, but we can’t do it alone. It’s the support from companies like MINI that help us to do our important work, support that makes sure there is another day for our beautiful oceans, now and into the future.”


MINI South Africa has designed a social media campaign on their facebook or twitter pages which will drive awareness of the cause and make it easy for South Africans to get involved.


As an incentive for MINI Coupé fans and those who want to take part in shark conservation, shark expedition prizes are up for grabs; one with SA band Goldfish, whose Submerged Sunday parties are also being supported by MINI South Africa.





  1. Another day, another advertisingblunder.

  2. Cool idea and great that mini is supporting a great cause ,but personally I’m not hyped on the design of the billboard. Wouldn’t it have been better to use a curved background to avoid the hard lines/ box shape? and the random head that is just placed at the top corner is totally confusing? The composition is lacking. I hope that is looks better at night with some decent and dramatic lighting?

  3. There is an idea there? Please explain.