Wimpy Braille Burgers


Wimpy wanted to let visually impaired people know that they offered braille menus in all of their restaurants. To spread the word we built braille burgers that blind people could actually read. With the help of skilled chefs we took sesame seeds and meticulously placed them on burger buns so that the seeds formed braille.

Agency: MetropolitanRepublic

Creative Director: Wes Phelan
Art Director: Dale Mullany
Copywriter: Keith Manning
Director: Will Collinson
Music: Loyiso Madinga
Photographer: Mike & Nick
Retoucher: Darren Bell


  1. Guys, this is a totally fabulous idea. Very moving. Well done to all involved.

  2. This is really really cool. I love the look on the people’s faces when they realise what just happened!

  3. So joyful. This deserves all of the awards it will inevitably win!

  4. This is awesome guys! nice work Wes and team!

  5. Outstanding idea with execution to match! Hottest piece of work I’ve seen this year. Well done!

  6. I cried. That says alot, I’m a cynic. Well done on an awesome campaign!

  7. Nice!

  8. Oh well done Wimpy! Very cool! Such a clever campaign!

  9. This just made my day.
    Congratulations on a very clever – and very moving – campaign.

  10. Wow, beautiful. It gave me goose bumps!

  11. oh god, i have something in my eye.

    SO GOOD.

  12. Beautiful!

  13. That made me smile. And cry a little. My brother is blind and I could just imagine what his reaction would’ve been. I <3 Wimpy even more now!

  14. Did it really motivate them to publish it? Or were they motivated by the agency? My favourite part is when they eat the message.

    I guess I’m a cynic because this is a bit too self-serving & staged for my liking. The burgers don’t even look like Wimpy Burgers, the only time Wimpy uses proper chopped tomatoes is on their EpicXL burgers, which these clearly are not.

  15. Really special piece of communication. Well done.

  16. Oh.. my God.. touching idea..i loved it well done guys you deserve Gold award.. awesome!!

  17. “Impared” or “impaired”? Nevertheless, great job Wimpy. 🙂

  18. This made my heart melt!

  19. It’s a beautiful idea, but the fact that this video is completely inaccessible to the visually impaired makes it clear to me that the team behind this isn’t fully committed to the thought.

  20. Beautiful.creative minds

  21. This is a great idea. However, I feel they should have put a voice over on the vid. My Brother is blind and I would have loved to have sent him the link. I think it would have also assisted with getting the word out with regards to the braille menus that have been printed. Still, great work!

  22. This is brilliant. Heard about it on the radio and it made me think of how Wimpy has been there my whole life. Inspiring stuff to blog about! Live…(dotdotdot)

  23. Patronizing, pandering award entry.

  24. I think the fact that the video does not have a voice over defeats the purpose. Otherwise, great idea.

  25. Totally agree with Fabien. I’m sure they can still add a VO. Great concept.

  26. Very well done. Great to see how a great design concept can affect someone in a positive way.

  27. I work for Blind SA and was very impressed by the video. It is just sad that the people used in this video, can’t see it themselves. Thank you, Wimpy!

  28. I am an employee of Blind SA and I would like to congragulate the Wimpy for having Braille Menu’s for the Visually Impaired. This initiative is so impartant, because it makes a visually impaired person independent!! Now he or she can make their own choices. Thank you, that we could be part of this project.

  29. To all those who designed this add and to WIMPY all i can say BLIK… YOU made a add i can feel to, a add i can SEE to, a add that swings the soul – Thanks to all and WIMPY

  30. Love it, brilliant, also got soething in my eye.

  31. most beautiful idea ever made / eaten

  32. What an awesome ad by an awesome Creative Director and Team. Better than W “impy”


  33. …who was the director/ prodco?

  34. Salute the creativity, well done agency and client

  35. Clever swipe at McDonald’s there