The Bubbleheads mobile game by Supernice and Milk&Coal

Our apps are motivated by the desire to create memorable and highly engaging work and the Bubbleheads concept was honed under this spirit. In one word, this app is ‘fun’. We’ve created digital bobblehead figurines that you can poke and prod. These figures aren’t noted for their wise words, but keep rambling and…cracking unwise.

This proudly South African product has the ability to spread far and wide and, indeed, downloads from the various app stores already show uptake from across the globe. We’re ecstatic with this as it indicates universal appeal.

This appeal should see the social element flourishing. We want people to share, comment, rate and bring out their Bubbleheads for a good laugh, anytime, anywhere.

The game has launched with P.Divvy as the lead character with more being planned for future releases.

Direct links to the App Store and Android Market are listed below:

iPhone/iPod Touch Bubbleheads App Link

iPad (HD) Bubbleheads App Link

Android Bubbleheads App Link

Supernice – Mobile development
Milk&Coal – Design and illustration

Between 10 and 5