Rule of Thumb fine menswear and illustration


Rule of Thumb‘ is the brainchild of three students who felt the need to further explore their creative potential. In the first series of mens T-shirts, two ranges have been designed. The range of printed t’s was inspired by iconic natural objects of South Africa such as the protea, Karoo skull and the blue crane. In this range there has been only 33 of each print made, in order to keep the designs unique. The second range of mens smart/ casual t’s were designed with the intent of recapturing the essence and simplicity of a well fitted, simple t-shirt. In this range they created a set of 50 of each design.



Currently the designs are on sale at the Labia night market in Cape Town, Adriaan Kuiters store in Kloof St. Cape Town, and from the 3 designers themselves.


Between 10 and 5