DA Student Organistaion

Controversial New Campaign for The DA Student Organisation

DA Student Organistaion


Launched on the Democratic Alliance Youth facebook and twitter pages yesterday afternoon, this poster, apparently the first of a whole series, is the start of a new campaign for the DA’s Student Organisation.


With 563 comments on the image and countless more on their facebook page and twitter by 7pm yesterday evening already, the poster is bringing out the politics in people with hugely varied opinions being thrown around.


While some are staunchly for the idea, others are sure the DA is accusing today’s South Africans of being racist and while some conservatives are appalled at the nudity, others have been asking if there’ll be any gay loving in the next of the series. Some are calling it a stereotype and some are calling it irrelevant to the times and for all those aghast at the standard of creative work, others are wondering what all the fuss is about.


The Democratic Alliance Youth Federal Leader, Makashule Gana, shared these comments with us,

“We are not surprised by the reaction of some members of society, it is to be expected. We live in a polarised society. It had people talking. Our intention with the poster is to make the people imagine the future. The poster will make people broaden their thinking.”


Melissa Weber, a DASO Co-ordinator for the Democratic Alliance Youth in the Cape Metro Region told us that she unfortunately can’t share who designed the posters or what the next ones will feature. She did however say this,

“I welcome the publicity and the debate it has started. The poster has gotten us a lot of attention and will hopefully help increase brand awareness on the different campuses especially where our branches are new.”


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