Second #DASO Poster Released

DASO 2nd poster


This morning we wrote about the DA Student Organisation‘s first poster in their controversial new campaign that is causing a major stir online. See it HERE with comment from the DA Youth. This is the just-released second poster in the series.


What do you think?




Sorry guys, our source has let us down. Makashule Gana the DA Youth Federal Leader has said that this is in fact not part of the DASO campaign.



  1. looks like a hack. is it official ?

  2. This morning the DA Youth Cape Metro Chairman himself retweeted the pic as the 2nd in the campaign but since the DA Youth Federal leader has denied the poster is part of the DASO campaign. Mixed messages.

  3. Of course people are going to look twice. They have no clothes on.

  4. YAY for the DA

  5. i would look twice. these boys are hot.

  6. I can look at it all day, or is that DAY? 😛

  7. the one guy has a funny ear…

    these posters are fine, but the actual design is a bit lame…very 90’s…

  8. I’d look twice too! yum!

  9. Agree, this poster much better, but it was not produced by the DA Youth and is not part of their official campaign.

  10. If I was briefed on designing a poster for a gay dating website this would be a great reference. I’m not saying it’s terrible I’m just not sure if this is a suitable portrait of a couple for a political party. I applaud the idea I’m just not sold on the image.

  11. I’m saying it’s terrible.

    Who dunnit?

  12. Mymoena Williams

    Those guys r HOT!!!!!

  13. i agree – cool poster – but design looks dated

  14. I strongly object to photographs of homosexuality rammed down my throat, its absolutely disgusting. That’s the only thing I agree with Mugabe, homosexuality is wrong and needs to be made illegal

  15. Well, everyone has their opinion. My opinion is that Jack Pollard is disgusting and needs to be made illegal.

  16. hahahaha wanna know what the funny thing is – leading psychiatrist have found that just over half anti gay people or should i say “homaphobes” are gay or lesbian them selves … So listen up Jack, its okay to come out the closest. Its slowly but surely starting to be accepted by all …

  17. @briantw Ditto

  18. I didn’t think DASO or the DA would approve of this pic. Alienating one’s party from the christian conservative bloc is a surefire way to suffer in any local or national election. Also, the gay and lesbian communities’ struggle with apartheid and its legacy is often downplayed in modern SA politics. I’d vote DA with fervour if they released this, but (unfortunately?) I’m not representative of the SA majority.

  19. John C. Halkett

    Ek love dit! Ek soek billboards oral in SA vd die twee mooi manne!

  20. Well well. Not surprising at all to see who likes and drools over these pics!! Whether the DA did it or not!! No they go for sexuality! When did politics go from being political (like always) to being sexual!! And this fib of multi race gender bender??? Why force it on the already f’d up rainbow “nation”!no need to force it!! Its like that already!! Urgh! I never saw a lion and a cheetah f**k! But leave it to the humans to be sick!and oh ja! I have nothing against homosexuals. But forcing it on people to accept it! Is like forcing an atheist to be a Christian!

  21. I think with so much wrong in this world such as crime, rape, violence, war, famine, AIDS, who are we as meagre human beings to prohibit, berate or crucify those who exhibit a pure emotion such as LOVE? The one emotion that connects us to the Divine…beautiful, precious love! It should not matter who/what we love. And before some ignorant individual quotes the Bible by saying “thou shall not le with a man as one lies with a female” I’ll have you know that those words were uttered from the Book of Leviticus, not Jesus, for Jesus says: ” A new commandment I give unto thee, that thou shall love one another” “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy!” “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!” “Blessed are those who have been persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Anyhoo, this was not to be religously based, but this is to deter that random ignorant preacher that remarks such pics are against the law of GOD. We come from a previously oppressed country, surely we should understand that no one should be outcasted from society let alone, for on as pure as love…
    Loving this poster!
    Straight, Christian Individual (^^,)

  22. somecopywriter

    Jack Pollard is that really you on the left? I’d be pissed too if this pic got published. Enough of that. If it’s real it is a great statement on racial and homosexual acceptance that is a welcome sentiment.

  23. “The lady protest too much!” Lady=Jack Pollard

  24. Bring more of these posters on! Makashule Gana (DA Youth Federal Leader), I challenge you to ensure DASO use this gay poster in their campaign too! I double-challenge you to tell our country why not if you still disagree! After all that’s the purpose of your campaign, is it not?

  25. @Kayka, You know what’s even funnier? All lesbo/homos say the same thing.