36 Thousand Corks | An installation by Dark Horse



Local furniture & apparel store and design studio, Dark Horse, was asked to pitch an idea for Sanlam’s main exhibition space at the Joburg FoodWineDesign Fair. Their idea for an installation was a mural made from wine bottle corks built into the shape of the Johannesburg skyline with perspex doves flying over the city. Fair goers were invited to write their messages of hope on the doves.


The entire piece was made in Cape Town using 36 000 corks, then broken up into 32 panels which were couriered to Joburg for the exhibition. Once at the exhibition area, the corks were sprayed black, LED lights were laced behind the skyline and the perspex doves were attached magnetically.


Here are some process shots and the end result:



Read the full story on the Dark Horse website, here, and while there make sure to check out their leather bags!


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