Cape Town Fish Market: Scooter


  1. Clever!

  2. @ Gisele_ I am interested in what was clever about this?

    is this a tv commercial? messy edit, theres no grade and seems a massive lack of art direction and gerneral direction.

    personally not hyped.

  3. Could have been a great scam ad if they spent more time on the video.

    And hey, if Ogilvy can win a Grand Prix for a silent marching band, why can’t this.

  4. @adguy_ what do ya mean by scam ad?

  5. If this wins something, anything, I’m gonna kill myself.

  6. So bad, so boring, so lacking class. Other than that it’s good.

  7. Loerie Grand Prix baby!

  8. Quirky and fun. A refreshing take on the usual overly-polished work we often see.

  9. So here’s the strategy:
    Create an activation that all the diners at your restaurant will see. People reached: 50-80.
    Each of those people mention it in conversation to their friends. People reached: Maybe 200.
    But wait! We film this activation, put it online as a viral and then it will get millions of hits! People reached: 180 views on the video.

    Total views of concept: Maybe around 500 if we push the numbers?

    You can get more exposure with R1000 and Facebook advertising. Cute “clever” activation that should be kept in 1st year advertising schools.

  10. Agreed Uno.
    Boring ‘viral’ video. I wouldn’t put anyone through that.
    I liked the concept tho, but could’ve been so much better.
    No credits? It’s always nice to see who’s behind the work.

  11. Often enough people think that web video is cheap. You still need a good production team and quality post to make it a GREAT video. And this could have been if it wasn’t shot on a 550D and put together on iMovie.