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The Anvil Awards


South Africa has a brand new creative award which launched just yesterday. The Anvil Awards, or Annies for short, focuses on graphic design, web design, illustration and photography, accepting entries from fledglings to professionals in these fields.


Allow them to introduce themselves:


The Annies couldn’t care less if you’re big or small, connected or unknown, rich, poor, or still living with your mom. We do care about jaw-dropping, pulse-racing, eye-catching, memorable and relevant design and imagery. Why? Because design is passion, and we’re passionate about design. Equal opportunity means more motivation, more inspiration, and a better industry at the end of the day.


To ensure we keep our promise of playing fair, we’ve divided the awards categories into two sections: Nominations and Submissions.


Nominations are for those stand-out projects that have really grabbed your attention, impressed and inspired you. No, you can’t nominate your own work, or even work from your own company. This is your chance to highlight and appreciate the brilliance of others in the industry.


The top 20 nominated projects in each category will be open to an online, public vote: no judges, just a jury of your peers. One or two projects deemed worthy by the Annies judges, however, may be awarded additional Merit Prizes, if Joe Soap misses a few gems.


Submissions are open to all industry professionals from head honchos down to the teeniest minions. You can enter as many projects in as many categories as you like to face off against other studios before the Anvil Awards judges for the supreme honour of taking home an Annie.


Category winners will take home the ultimate bragging rights, as well as their very own Annie trophy. Merit award winners will be issued with a certificate of awesomeness, and the deep respect of their peers and our judges.


The judges are to be announced soon and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. For now, get more acquainted at, on twitter or on facebook.


The Anvil Awards



  1. yaaaaaayyyyyyy

  2. just what we need

    another useless award show.

    shot for playing
    now pay up.

  3. who’s behind this award?

  4. I heard that it is run by malossol

    Hope this helps ‘ ? ‘

    Dont know who the judges are though?

  5. The Anvil Awards


    The Awards aren’t run by Malossol, but their Creative Director will be one of the judges.

    A full list of judges will be released soon.