It’s Not Over | An Exhibition & Farewell



In 2009 /A WORD OF ART  moved into the semi derelict Woodstock Industrial Centre and has been working on renovating and building up the /AWOA spaces ever since. Over the last 3 years the WIC has become a centre for freelance artists, designers, illustrators and photographers housing over 75 creative tenants/studios.


Over that time /AWOA has hosted dinners, film, yoga & drawing evenings, countless exhibitions and memorial events like “night of 1000 drawings” and adidas Originals Three Stories. A major addition has been the international artist in residency programme which houses up to 5 artists and has seen visitors from all over the world.


2012 sees a new era for the WIC as the building has been sold to the owners of the Old Biscuit Mill and will be developed. So we say goodbye to the Woodstock Industrial Centre as it is now and wait to see what the new owners have in store.


The /A WORD OF ART residency will be moving out of the Woodstock Industrial Centre and into a house for the next 5 months and in July will be moving back into the building but into a different space.


Everyone is invited to a farewell exhibition and party this Saturday featuring artworks and instalations from the current artists in residence – Amie Gislason and Terri Potratz from Vancouver –  and the works of Cern, a friend of /AWOA who is visiting from NYC.


Each artist will create an instalation in their abandoned bedrooms, regular /AWOA DJs – Mr Fuzzy Slippers, B Team, Remy Gold, Mao and Ida Daugaard – will be there to entertain, entrance is free and there’ll be a cash bar.


See you there!


WIC by Jonx Pillemer


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