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Yesterday Ogilvy South Africa announced the launch of Social@Ogilvy in SA. The worldwide practice connects all of the Ogilvy agencies’ social media experts around the globe to deliver solutions across all areas of business.


In the video below, John Bell the Global Director of Social@Ogilvy, introduces the businesses purpose and capabilities. The South African launch took place at Ogilvy Joburg with a panel discussion, here are some of the highlights.




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  1. I would really like to see more South African organisations adopting the Social CRM & Social Business approach instead of only playing in the social media marketing space, which is short lived and doesn’t build advocacy or long-term positive word of mouth.

    With word of mouth marketing being the most trusted form of advertising, why have corporates been so slow to adopt Social CRM as a sound business strategy?

    Social CRM is the business strategy of engaging customers through social networks with the goal of building trust and brand loyalty. It’s customer centric and collaborative in it’s communication style.

    Social has evolved globally and in SA we’re very far behind.
    Great initiative Ogilvy SA I look forward to seeing more of this social integration within businesses.