Mercedes living billboard

Living Billboard for Mercedes-Benz by Net#work BBDO

Mercedes living billboard


The second in Net#work BBDO’s ‘eco-billboards’ for Mercedes-Benz’s BlueEFFICIENCY range is a living wall (or vertical garden) and was conceptualised by an intern at the agency, Chumani Mtshontshi. Have a look at the first, here.


Up at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, the billboard aims to make the point that due to BlueEFFICIENCY which features a range of energy-saving innovations to lower fuel consumption and reduce carbon-dioxide exhaust emissions, Merc emissions are as green-friendly as you can get.


The vertical garden/living wall concept has many environmental benefits like promoting recycling (the plants are planted in recycled plastic bottles), beautifying urban environments, absorbing more of the carbon dioxide that chokes cities and absorbing sound, and it’s water-efficient.




Concept – Chumani Mtshontshi

Creative Directors – Bruce Anderson and Robert Rutherford


Between 10 and 5