Is the Budget Speech Gibberish to you?



The annual National Budget Speech is being given today and Sanlam wants to make sure that you know how it all works. This infographic video, explaining the basics, was created by The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town and digital agency Liquorice.


Educate yourself further over here.




Executive Creative Director: Ross Chowles

Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs

Art Director: Aneesa Limbada

Copy Writer: Kate Royce

TV Producer: Colleen Christians

Account Management: Lauren Brabant

Digital Production: Liquorice

Creative Director: Brian Carter

Senior Designer: David Orridge

Account Manager: Jacques Kannemyer

Production House: Wicked Pixel

Resonate Sound: Rob Brinkworth



  1. Great work, video explains it well.

    Digital Production: Liquorice. Howcome the guys that actually do the work don’t get some cred. Who animated this piece? What programs involved?

  2. @notadesigner: Apologies the following credits should also be noted:

    Brian Carter – Creative Director
    David Orridge – Senior Designer
    Jacques Kannemyer – Account Manager

    Production House – Wicked Pixel
    Resonate Sound – Rob Brinkworth

  3. WOW! Hands down the best work down for budget 2012, well done to all.