Rebel Alliance Animation Jam

Rebel Alliance Animation Jam


Calling all animators!


Rebel Alliance, Jozi’s monthly night of audio/visual mash-ups and revelry, has a new first to bring you at next month’s event. The Rebel Alliance Animation Jam will be made up of submissions by 10 – 20 different animators all pieced together to make one collaborative short animated film to be screened at the event.


And you’re invited to take part!


This is how it works:


On the night, Rebel Alliance will be launching a new remix EP from Vampire9000. One of the songs off it will become the soundtrack to the collaboration. Animators wanting to get involved can email Ben Rausch at who will provide you with the beginning image and end image for your piece of the story. What happens in between is totally up to you can be created in 2D, 3D, stop motion, digital or hand-drawn animation.


As each piece ends in the same way that the next begins, when everyone’s contributions are brought together, the final piece will be one ever changing journey through the different animators minds and styles. Magical!


You’ll get to see your work up on the big screen at The Bioscope. Get involved!





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