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Dominique Edwards

Dominique Edwards at Commune 1

Dominique Edwards


After 2 months of renovations, art gallery Commune.1 is opening its doors once again with a brand new exhibition by Dominique Edwards entitled “the distance between us”. You’re invited to the opening this Thursday evening.




Time: 6:30 pm

Date: 1st of March. The show runs until 31 March.

Place: Commune 1, 64 Wale Street, Cape Town


“The Distance Between Us explores, amongst other, the notion of the sublime or the uncanny as a contemplation on the ephemeral nature of human life and the moment of our death. Concerned with violent embodiment, thresholds and liminal spaces, the work on show explores the transformation of things from one state of being into another. Produced as a body of work for her recently completed Masters in Fine Art, “the distance between us”, has emerged from a study into notions of place and being.”


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