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Filipa Domingues works as the producer at film making collective Fly On The Wall. The company is known for making local and international commercials, music videos and the full length documentary on groundbreaking SA band Fokofpolisiekar. She also takes wonderful photographs and shares them online on a blog called Suicide Monkey, the name inspired by this little guy.


Director at Fly On The Wall, Bryan Little let us know more about Filipa:


If she’s not taking photos then she is comfortable. That may sound like a moronic statement as most artists would claim instant death if you took away their art, but suicide monkey is different. Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen her break down in tears at opportunities missed.


For her, it seems perhaps, the camera is what the internet is and television isn’t; it is a dialogue – a two (to the power of nth) way of engaging with the world and those she photographs in it. Her camera is a facilitator. There is no pretension in her work, after the shutter separates for 100th of a second, her subjects and their friends and all the neighborhood children gather in a team huddle around her camera and celebrate themselves and the moment – her tiny body disappearing in the group hug. From b-boys to electricians, ballerinas and hair dressers. Her world is the world we live in, only better. It is an eclectic assimilation of the beauty that exists if we only took the time to look. You will find her work online, she wants to talk to you. If she is shy or upset she will do it while photographing you.


For her, opportunities missed are not one of hoarding a moment for later display, she doesn’t hold images tightly to her chest claiming all birth rights. For her, opportunities missed are the inability to engage with a person or situation in the way she feels most comfortable. Through the viewfinder she finds people and what makes them good and then shows it back to them.


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