Featured: Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen


Gareth Owen is a Capetonian art director who recently graduated from the AAA School of Advertising. He was asked to exhibit his ad work as part of the 2012 Design Indaba’s Emerging Creatives.


Gareth is currently employed at a Cape Town based Creative Development Centre, which will be launched in May this year. It consists of eight of Cape Town’s top graduates who were selected by and are working directly with Graham Warsop, the founder and Chairman of The Jupiter Drawing Room (South Africa).


The featured campaigns are all student projects created in collaboration with various copywriters.


The Pick ‘n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour


The brief was to generate a series of posters as well as newspaper adverts, which encouraged readers to enter The Pick ‘n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour. We decided to communicate the fact that with about 6 months to go until the race, there was still more than enough time to get your legs in shape.

Copywriter: Deanne Hofhuis


Gareth Owen


D&AD’s The Copy Book


The brief was to create a type-driven ad in order to sell D&AD’s The Copy Book Refreshed Edition. We aimed to communicate the need for well-crafted writing by completely over using various distasteful copywriting habits.

2nd Art Director: Freddy Viviers

Copywriter: Warrick Sherrell


Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen




The brief was to communicate the need for expertise when dealing with pest control. The series of adverts communicate how these pests have evolved to a point where it is almost impossible to kill them.

Copywriter: Carl Cardinelli


Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen





  1. Good stuff. Interesting to see an art director who has already developed a distinct style. So comfortable with long copy, which is great! Good luck to you.

  2. Firsty, I love Gisele. Secondly, Deanne’s copy is brilliant.

  3. Courtney Reece

    Beautifully executed!

  4. The young man has TALENT! I like very much.