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Eat Your Heart Out

Inspiration Tables at Toffie Curated by EYHO

Eat Your Heart Out


The Inspiration Tables at this year’s Toffie Pop Festival are all about food! The exhibition, which is one of the most visually exciting features at Toffie, is curated by Eat Your Heart Out this time around, and is in association with One.Dog.Chicken Productions and Max Mogale Photography.


Twelve selected creatives have been asked to produce an installation on or using a 1,8m by 0,75m trestle table. The concepts will be loosely based on Natalie Dixon’s project FoodMood which is a documentation of global food consumption patterns and their impact on the daily emotional wellbeing of people.


She asks, “Do Happy Meals make Americans happy? Do the British find comfort in cake? Are citizens of wealthy countries enjoying food more than those from poorer nations? Does national history manifest itself in present-day food consumption? And what is bun cha anyway?” As a means of gaining insights into these issues, Dixon uses Twitter as the primary data resource, translating peoples’ tweets about food and how they feel about them using an analysis tool, then combining the info with public access data to create data visualisations.


For the Inspiration Tables the point of departure was a food jam, held on the 4th of March in Cape Town, where each artist played with a few easy dishes created to celebrate important occasions. If the artist could not be present, he or she took part in the food jam via Skype and Twitter to tie in with Dixon’s project. This evening was documented and will be used during the exhibition at Toffie Pop as a means to showcase the artists’ interaction with the “raw produce/object”.


Over the next two days we’ll be giving you some info on each of the participating artists to get you excited for what’s in store. Stay tuned.




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