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Inspiration Tables at Toffie | Artist Profiles Part 1



Today and tomorrow we’re going to be introducing you to the twelve artists that will be taking part in the Inspiration Tables exhibition at Toffie Pop Festival. This year’s exhibition is curated by Eat Your Heart Out in association with One.Dog.Chicken Productions and Max Mogale Photography, and the topic is food. Find out more info here.


These are the first 6 artists:


Inka Kendzia and Noël Labridy | PonYpaNda


Noël Labridy, originally born and bred in Berlin, has been residing in Cape Town for the last 3 years where her and Inka Kendzia met.


Inka Kendzia is an award winning animation director for her motion graphic design studio IIIEIIIE by day and a vj by night as The grrrl. Noël works with IIIEIIIE as a freelancer. As visual architects IIIEIIIE, Inka and Noël created all the visuals for the opening night of the Loerie Awards 2010. As PonYpaNda, they create interactive art installations and three-dimensional visual art. They created the stop motion above in collaboration with Adam Kent Wiest for David Shillinglaw and Indigo’s ‘Everything Must Go’ art show at /A WORD OF ART.


The grrrl is a band member of Krushed & Sorted, Closet Snare and of course Mr Sakitumi & The grrrl and Noël is part of the Cape Town based band Voicetag. They are grateful to be able to improve and work with their passion for visual expression and to use their visual art to bring emotion onto dance floors, telling stories through the play of light.


Yang Zhao


After graduating from UCT in 2008 majoring in Politics, Sociology, French and with many ‘minors’ such as photography, greek mythology, pop culture and history of jazz, Yang started a T-shirt project called Doe.


Doe is used as a medium to showcase young design by the likes of Fuzzy Slippers, Nolan Dennis, Jake Lipman, Lauren Fowler, Carine Nguz,Yves (Hamburg) and Eno (Berlin). The Doe brand has grown to include, ‘a platform for the contemporary arts movement in South Africa.’


Yang’s latest project is Touch Heart and is about reintroducing Dim Sum as a food concept, a dining culture, a medium for communication and conversation. The Touch Heart blog will launch in winter this year.



Doe by Yang Zhao. Photo by Max Mogale.


Yang Zhao




 Skullboy is a Durban-based man-about-town and doer of this or that. If he is not exhibiting or curating local shows, he is most likely to be found at your local watering hole. Having only started exhibiting four years ago, his work is dark but insightful with a vicious streak of humour. His subject matter consists of religion, drug use, decision anxiety, sex, disdain for the youth, LSD and other sorts of things our parents don’t like us to talk about.


About Skullboy’s most recent project: For the past 8 months, Skullboy has been collecting stories in dingy clubs and bars of how people have lost their virginity’s. Entitled, ‘You & Me’ (formerly know as “Cherry Poppin’), he aims to bring to light the current state of sex in our sexy, sex-filled generation. The results of the project are due to be exhibited later this year at the KZNSA.


The bulk of Skullboy’s time however is taken up by his curating partnership, called WorkingClass. WorkingClass was started by Tyrone Bradley and Skullboy at the end of 2010 with the aim of encouraging and promoting the local art and counter culture scene within Durban as well as the country. Their latest project, entitled ‘Locals Only’, is a publication and screenprint show that hosts 6 creatives from JHB, CPT and DBN with the brief of interpreting their own city. 




Sara Trickett


Sara Trickett grew up immersed in creativity in the Natal Midlands on her
 parents farm, equal parts Menagerie, Diorama, Plant Nursery, Design Studio 
and Art Gallery. She first flexed her creative impulse though Cooking,
working in Cape Town and then collaborating with her parents in creating
 Saint Verde Restaurant in Durban.


Eventually the impulse to try something
 new took hold, Sara started to produce a range of Hand-made products under
 the moniker “Luckyou Handmade”, creating exquisite Crochet blankets, hand dyed felt and button accessories and papier-mâché dolls.


During this time
 she also worked in the trend department at the Mr Price head office,
 researching accessory and shoe trends for the retail giant. Her latest endeavor is as the Head Editor of
 the local trend and design website itswhatiminto, collaborating with several contributing editors
 in Durban, JHB and CT. 


Picture is by Tony Christie for Elle magazine

Sara by Tony Christie for Elle magazine


Lauren Fowler


Lauren is a Cape Town based illustrator / graphic designer / thing maker who graduated with a BA in Visual Communications from AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town.


Since then she has collected experience in graphic design, illustration (hand drawn and digital), web design, animation, editing, photography, styling, knitting and sewing.
 Her work has been published in ELLE, ELLE Decoration, Glamour and Real Simple.


Lauren has recently moved into her new studio space at the Foundry in Woodstock from where she also sells her work.


Photo by: Andrew Brauteseth

Lauren Fowler. Photo by: Andrew Brauteseth


Keep a look out for Part 2 of the exhibiting artists tomorrow.


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