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April Fools!



South African brands known for their sense of humour, Savanna and kulula, had some fun yesterday at the expense of April fools. Savanna launching a Dry antiperspirant and kulula announcing ‘state-of-the-art water runways’ to provide a solution to airport traffic congestion.


An expert from the press release reads:


kulula has already taken steps to curb rising airport traffic congestion and high airport taxes by pioneering flights to secondary airports like Lanseria and even proposing  to purchase the mothballed Durban airport from government, which was regrettably rejected. Their latest innovation will see selected flights landing on state-of-the-art water runways near Cape Town and Durban harbours and Hartebeespoort Dam in Gauteng.


“Globally, all airlines are feeling the pinch and  2012 will be a watershed year where only the most agile will keep their heads above water. kulula has always prided itself on successfully maintaining a low fare business model which motivated us to find new ways to ensure ticket prices remain affordable” says kulula group spokesperson, Heidi Brauer.


In July this year kulula will take delivery of  eight new next-generation Boeing 737-800’s. Two of these aircraft are specifically designed for water landings. The 737-Seaplane, in aviation terms is classified as a flying boat due to its modified fuselage which is the main source of buoyancy and which acts like a ship’s hull in the water. All these vessels have been designed to ensure smooth landings and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure passenger comfort and safety, says Brauer.


Before coming aboard, kulula captains and flight crew will undergo rigorous training on sea and water landings, judging drift from sea current, swell size and nautical navigation. Passengers will embark and disembark from exclusive kulula piers and be ferried to the planes by designated  water shuttles.


Did anyone see any other April Fools Day pranks by brands?









Savanna’s campaign included some radio spots:




Steri Stumpie also got in on the April Fools action.


Steri Stumpie


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