City Soiree

City Soirée | 5 April

City Soiree


City Soirée is a live platform for artists of various disciplines to showcase their talents. The series of small concerts provides an intimate experience in non traditional performance spaces.  In conjunction with The Book Lounge, next on the City Soirée calendar is an evening with poet, writer and journalist Toni Stuart and guitarist and composer Philip Malan.




5 April 2012
The Book Lounge (71 Roeland Street, Cape Town)
17:30 for 18:00
Free Entrance


Toni Stuart is a poet, writer and journalist whose performance lingers somewhere enchantingly between speech and song and reflect the silent moments of challenge, defeat and triumph which ultimately make us human. Toni has performed both locally and abroad, amongst others at the Urban Voices International Poetry Festival in 2010, and is also co-founder of I Am Somebody! which works towards reconciliation by bringing together people from different cultures, backgrounds and sectors to support young adults through a two-year mentorship programme.


Philip Malan is a finger-style acoustic guitar player and composer and recent winner of the Marshall Music Home of the Acoustic Guitar competition. Philip’s music is filled with the storytelling characteristics so often found in folk music but instead of lyrics and song, he takes us on a journey using suggestion, expression and musical themes all performed using only the six strings of his guitar. His brand new debut album Faithful will be on sale at the event so bring lotsa moolah. Don’t be stingy, the concert is free.


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