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Stimorol Infinity ‘Neverlasting Love’ by Ogilvy CT



Telling a client that you want to go to Matric Rage to get drunk 18 year olds to marry each other, vegas style, in a ceremony held by Elvis and Darth Vader, couldn’t have been easy. Big ups to Ogilvy Cape Town for the way-out idea. This is how it went down:


Every year, tens of thousands of young, confident and, well, horny students descend upon the sunny and shirtless shores of South Africa for their post high school Matric RAGE. For them it’s a holiday made for weekend hook-ups and meaningless relationships. We were asked to promote Stimorol Infinity, the gum that goes on and on, at Stimorol’s countrywide Matric RAGE parties. But how do you promote a long lasting gum at an event where everything is so short term?


We created the Stimorol Infinity Neverlasting Love Chapel – because nothing lasts as long as Stimorol Infinity. Thousands of clubbers were hitched Las Vegas Style in their very own frivolous and tacky marriage ceremonies. Once married, they received a Neverlasting Love Marriage Certificate, a wedding photo, a spouse (if only for the night) and the shock, horror and congratulations that come with changing your Facebook relationship status to ‘Married’.


Thousands of people experienced a night to remember. Or forget. And even more people uploaded photos, changed their profile pictures and commented on friends’ relationship statuses. The Stimorol Infinity party became the most well attended in the history of Rage. And we proved that nothing lasts as long as Stimorol Infinity. Not even love.




Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Associate Creative Director: Anthony Walton
Copywriter: Dean Paradise
Art Director: Emma Butlin


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