Turbovite ‘Turbographic’ by Native


After developing a digital home for their client, holistic energy-enhancing range Turbovite, Native created a Facebook statistics-based app called the Turbographic. The app collects data from a user’s Facebook account reflecting their activity over the past 12 months and turns it into a personal infographic, showing how busy the user has been and playing on the brand’s positioning to “get things done”.


Native says, “Pulling data from a user’s Facebook account, the application collated the data to create a picture of yearly Facebook activity. Some users got quite a lot done on Facebook, including spreading the word about the app.


With no additional marketing or advertising around the campaign other than word of mouth, 399 people created their own Turbovite Turbographics and 101 people shared the application on Facebook within two weeks after launch.”


Play with the app here or take a look at the Turbovite website here.



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