MB LA lamb

Mercedes-Benz Illustrated Print Ads by Net#work BBDO

MB LA lamb


These print ads, beautifully illustrated by Jade Klara, are by Net#work BBDO to advertise the Mercedes-Benz Lane Keeping Assist feature.


The rationale: To advertise the Mercedes-Benz Lane Keeping Assist technology, a highly advanced safety device that keeps you in your own lane and out of the dangers of the on-coming lane. Our solution was simple: it keeps you on the safe side. This print is a consumer-friendly and whimsical interpretation of what this technology actually does.




Executive Creative Director : Rob Mclennan
Creative Director : Brent Singer & Jenny Glover
Art Director : Brent Singer
Copywriter : Jenny Glover
Illustrator : Jade Klara


MB LA cupcake MB LA ant

Between 10 and 5