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Rebel Alliance are doing some pretty cool things in Joburg. The latest event saw the debut screening of experimental artist collaborations in animation, illustration and photography at The Bioscope.


Above is the first Rebel Alliance Animation Jam, a pro-active collaborative project between 18 animators. Participants were asked to submit clips 2-20 seconds long, working in any animated medium they chose. The only rule was that every clip had to begin and end with the same master shot.


The artists are:


00:04 Rocket Panda (Riccaro Albertini)
00:18 Planet Future (PJ Kotze & Loedewyk Barkhuizen)
00:37 Jason Sutherland
00:45 Cameron Lowry & Richard van Beek
00:50 Philip Davies
01:14 Neo Majafe
01:35 Cool Your Jets (Ben Rausch)
01:48 Cameron Lowry & Richard van Beek
01:59 Jason Sutherland
02:04 Gordon Bakkes
02:16 Awewolves (Daneel Malgas)
02:40 Derrick Pitts
02:59 Pencils n Crayons (Silas Lekgothi)
03:11 Doktrine (MJ du Preez)
03:28 Cool Your Jets (Werner Redelinghuys)
03:41 Jason Sutherland
03:49 Cameron lowry vs Richard van Beek
03:57 Cool Your Jets (Matthew McFarlane)
04:11 Muis (Sylvia McKeowen)
04:22 Awewolves (Daneel Malgas)
04:27 Cameron lowry vs Richard van Beek
04:34 Franci Lawlor


Vampire9000 – Jazzspazz (Sassquatch vs Jaysynth remix)


Rogue Squadron brought together 6 South African photographers – Musa Nxumalo, Patrick Dinneen, Alex van Rensburg, Hanro Havenga, Olivia Mortimer and Bernard Brand. Each was asked to supply a numbered sequence of 30 images, handed the soundtrack of Vampire9000’s Colours (as remixed by Lightweights) and were asked to choose their photos and consider their sequence by placing emphasis on the juxtaposition or continuity that would be created by cutting between them.


Here it is:




For the first Rebel Alliance Illustration Jam participating members were sent templates with 4 shapes to draw clouds, landscapes, characters and objects in. These elements were then combined in a virtual 3D world.


Featuring illustrations by:
Anja Venter, Ben Rausch, Bergen Nielson, Brent Black, Franci Lawlor, Geni Saunders, Greg Nell, Jared Pereira, Jason Sutherland, Juliet White, Loraine Loots, Maaike Bakker, Martinique Pelser, Moose Zulu, Shannon Lawlor, Stuart Ponton, Walt Viviers


Greenisfortubro – Misdirected




Take a look at what you can expect at the next one:


Rebel Alliance 6 poster web


Facebook event page.


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