Nando’s ‘Options’ Spoof TVC



True to Nando’s cheeky sense of humour, this brand new TVC plays off the now well known TV ad, below, featuring Sir Ben Kingsley for Santam by KingJames.


This is what they had to say:


Do you miss things? Overlook things that are right in front of you? No? Yes? Maybe?

It’s part of the human condition — at least that’s what some Sir or another keeps banging on about.

Luckily, Nando’s new ad campaign is here to show you that the deliciousness is in the details. That, yes, Nando’s is about the best flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken but that its menu has oh so many more mouthwatering options to choose from.


Well played Black River FC.




Executive Creative Director – Ahmed Tilly
Creative Director – Vanessa Gibson
Art Director – Monde Siphamla
Copywriter – Jessica Crozier
Director Peter Pohorsky – Plank Films





  1. Very few brands do funny and original quite like Nando’s. Which is why this ad – that spoofs another ad – seems kind of lazy to me. I’d question whether your average viewer (outside of the advertising and media industry) would make the connection.

  2. oh ian – bang out a chuckle you old fart..

  3. With JZ taking a new wife i thought we might see the specials for the family feasts.