Skateboarding is a Crime | Gerhard Human Exhibition



A by-law has recently been passed by the City of Cape Town making skateboarding illegal on any public road. Adding to the problem, very little to nothing is being done to build skateparks in and around the city.


Talented designer/illustrator Gerhard Human, in collaboration with Woodies Ramps, is doing something about it. “Skateboarding is a Crime” is an exhibition of illustrations by Gerhard that opens on Thursday, 26 April at Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room on Bree Street and will run for a week after.


There will be 12 unique illustrations (30 each, hand printed, numbered and signed) for sale and all proceeds will go to the development of skateparks in South Africa. How rad?


Check out the facebook event page, see you there.


Here’s a preview:





Cape Town


  1. The work looks fresh but Marchand uses the crossbones logo, and kronk uses the crossbones background Now Gerhard is also using it as his promotional logo. Come on guys, I though you were supposed to be original, or are you actually the same person?

  2. Hi Andy, I officially apologize… I did rip off the cross bones. But actually from a passing ship of Somalian pirates… they said it was fine but guess it’s not.

  3. lyk awesome!

  4. Percy "Skits Xibi" Debeila


  5. This is Miiiiiiiiiiiint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!