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Jungle Jimmy – Mr Sakitumi music video by The Grrrl



This is the just released, official music video for Mr Sakitumi‘s Jungle Jimmy conceptualized, shot, directed and edited by The Grrrl, aka Inka Kendzia, in collaboration with the Hodgen family. Bev Hodgen did the sewing, stitching and suiting, Tao Hodgen stars as Jungle Jimmy and Guy Hodgen was the DOP.


Jungle Jimmy is the first music video for Mr Sakitumi’s debut album, Secret Asian Man, which was released last year.


All the characters took around three months to come to life and the video was filmed over a period of two days in January this year.


The Grrrl says, “I always wanted to interpret the music of Jungle Jimmy with various finger puppets and fun handmade characters waking up and bopping to the beat. While chatting to Bev Hodgen, the textile artist, we discovered artworks by Nick Cave. This inspired me to develop the idea and environment further, bringing Jungle Jimmy to life.”


Check out the ‘Making of’ below.




Director – The Grrrl (Inka Kendzia)
Music – Mr Sakitumi (Sean Ou Tim)
Collaborator & Textile Artist – Bev Hodgen
Editor & FX – The Grrrl (Inka Kendzia)
DOP – Guy Hodgen
Jungle Jimmy – Tao Hodgen




Between 10 and 5