Adriaan Louw’s #newyorkvits Winning Entry

new york vits


A few weeks back Glacéau vitaminwater launched their #newyorkvits competition, offering an up and coming photographer a chance to capture New York City with them. Adriaan Louw was recently announced the winner so will soon be heading off to the States, his first time leaving the continent.


Here’s how Adriaan got started taking photos, in his own words:


I grew up in Bellville, Cape Town and was into skateboarding and BMX in highschool. After a year and a half of delivering papers on my BMX, at the age of 16, I had enough money to buy myself an entry level video camera and started filming skateboarding as much as I could. In Grade 11 I finished a full length skate video of the Bellville Skate Crew.


After school I went on to study Film at City Varsity for two years where I got my first Digital SLR. Really being into music, I spent most of my weekends shooting bands and making music videos.


After Varsity I spent two years on the road with bands traveling and documenting what they were up to. Bands including New Holland, The Pretty Blue Guns, aKING, Fokofpolisiekar, Ashtray Electric, Holiday Murray etc. I also did 3 skateboarding roadtrips around South Africa shooting a documentary of each trip we went on. These were all self funded projects and was some of the best memories of my life so far.


These days, I’m still documenting the music industry mainly and occasionally doing some skate trips when I get a chance and getting into the fashion industry. My latest skate trip to Mozambique was feature on which I’m really excited about.


A word from vitaminwater on why they started the competition:


In New York City, an adverturer, gadabout and humble genius named J. Darius Bikoff was being pummelled by the one-two punch of raging thirst and low energy. Heading to a yoga class, Bikoff was feeling run-down and gobbled a vitamin c lozenge and chased it with a swig of water. The combination of flavour and nourishment inspired Bikoff to develop and launch Glacéau vitaminwater™, enhanced water that’s packed with nutrients. Bikoff’s vision gave birth to Glacéau, creating the enhanced water category.


This inspiration and creativity fuels the fire behind the brand and it is with this m.o. in mind that we endeavour to find these stand-out individuals and give them the necessary tools and place them in scenarios that make their individuality flourish. We want to invest in the creative arts of this country to allow the crazy kids of today to excel.


Take a look at Adriaan’s winning entry:


Power C



Super V



Between 10 and 5