Nandos vs Santam? Santam responds to Nandos spoof ad.



Some of you saw the original Santam advert, and the subsequent spoof that Nando’s did. Santam has now laid down the gauntlet.


Wonder how Nando’s will respond…


Previous videos are below.










  1. that’s awesome! hahaha

  2. love it, 10&5 please follow up on the challenge to update us

  3. love it, 10&5 please follow up on the challenge to update us

  4. Well played Sir. Well played.

  5. Love love love it!

  6. Well done, Santam! Can’t wait for Nando’s response.

  7. BIG UP Santam!!! Love it! 🙂

  8. Fantastic. Hopefully everyone involved will rise to the challenge and give us a bit of a cock-fight; great to see this kind of engagement from agencies and brands.

  9. Wow, that Floyd is a “snappy” dresser.. tudup dish! ^_^

  10. Nandos? Challenge accepted?

  11. Santam should watch out; they’re gonna get fried…

  12. And let’s hope Nando’s come back and challenge Santam to insure the building – against flood, fire and excess chicken fat!

  13. Nandos you have been served and by Santam of all things? Haha. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what is happening here! And the funniest part of that video…”one greek salad”. Haha. Awesome!

  14. SA ads are the best!

    “…or, are you chicken?” cracks me up everytime! 😀 I don’t know how he keeps a straight face. Must have done a 100 takes to get it right.

  15. This is what one calls – corporate chess with a twist. Well done King James, you never fail to entertain. Santam, your name is out there. Your boldness and humor is well noted.

  16. Excellent!!!

  17. Thumbs up

  18. This is pure class. It’s the second time I’ve seen one brand hold another hostage in the name of good humour and charity (Woolies Lovebirds, anyone?)and without getting the ASA involved. Bravo to the teams at King James and Black River Football Club. And bravo for having courageous clients and leadership.

    You can all be very proud of yourselves, and the inevitable Loeries these pieces of work will scoop up.

    Today, you’ve made me proud to be part of South Africa’s ad industry. Rare. Thank you.

  19. Awesome. Good to see some brands having fun.

  20. very awesome comeback santam… nothing like a bit of healthy competition!! thats why i love this business.

  21. P.S. Caroza, I think you’re onto something…

  22. This is awesome! Instead of taking it personally they’re reaching out. Wish more companies did this rather than get into childish fights and name-calling. They have the power to do so much good. *Like*

  23. Loved it. Cant wait to see if Nandos takes up the challenge…..

  24. and for those of you who don’t like the Steve ads on the radio check this one out

  25. Well done Santam, that is the best revenge.

  26. I hate to be a rain cloud but I don’t really get what the hype is about Santam’s response? They basically said “We’re not upset about you ripping off our advert, just as long as you donate some food to a charity”- I don’t see how that is a very witty or clever response?

    I wouldn’t put it in the same class as the Woolies Lovebirds campaign. In that case there was a misprint of the campaign URLs on the ads and it was picked up quickly and the domain was hijacked- and then ransomed. That was genius.

    Am I missing something?

  27. Far, far better than the usual anal reaction of reaching for m’learned friends.

    Congrats all.

  28. A game of chicken….nice 1 Santam

  29. I agree with James: this is Woolies ‘Lovebirds’ Lite. There’s nothing particularly clever or relevant being done here. In fact, it all seems a little sanctimonious to me.

  30. bully for you. Life is too short to get hot under the collar. time to chill under the umbrella and make some kids happy too.

  31. Bazinga…

  32. I’d rather have an umbrella of chickens than a Santam policy. Go Nandos

  33. @James & @SilverTongue, I hear your point. I also recommend you view it from beyond just the ad lens, unless you already have.

    I think we could get into a great debate about the whole thing. Beer, sometime? Mail me:

  34. Great come back SANTAM !!!!

  35. Proud to be a Santammer right now!

  36. At least Nando’s got Santam to attempt a fresher they just need a local actor that is less pompous than Sir Ben..

  37. Maggins. ndlovu

    Lets jus say ….I have feeling nandos will pop one thursday nyt….ask Mugabe 🙂

  38. Apparently nandos have taken up the challenge, and will deliver once a month for the next year! Well done nandos!

  39. Nandos marketing team is so brilliant, it was probably their idea. Well done to Sanlam and Nandos! U rock! We need more companies like u.

  40. EXELINT!!! SA got humor, great response of Nados to deliver food every mount for a year. Santam and Nado’s your exelint. we need more add like this. life is to serious, your customers needs this humor. THANKS GUYS, MWAH

  41. Well done Santam what a fantastic response to Nando’s. Look forward to Nando’s response.

  42. Great comeback Santam…. all in the name of charity…. Just one question… Is that Ben Kingsley in the add. Don’t think it is.

  43. Very ingenious. Hope the kiddies get their sticky toffee puddings… healthy business rivalry for a good cause.

  44. Wow! I like this. Can’t wait for Nandos’ comeback.

  45. Challenge accepted! Nandos will deliver this same order, every month for 12 months!! Well done Nandos!!!

  46. “Where is Tony Moneo?”

  47. So Santam, how about a couple of free car insurance policies? or are you not that the kind of insurance company…

  48. I think you should follow up on the progress.

    5FM mentioned yesterday, that Nando’s replied to the ad by giving the requested amount to the orphanage PLUS keeping up the offer for every month in 2012!

  49. I love all three ads, love that Ben Kingsley was used. Nando’s did a 3 out 5 job on the copy, it could have been funnier. Santam had a fantastic response and I love the social good aspect they brought into it however I am saddened by how cheap they were in not bringing Ben Kingsley back in – unless of course he declined. The Santam “Ben Kingsley” replacement was made to look like him which was cheap, sans Ben Kingsley they should have used the actual CEO that would have been sweet.

  50. Come Nandos hope you stepped up to the challenge and as we know your history we hope for something good to follow. Santam that’s for keeping us entertained very well done…

  51. Come Nandos hope you stepped up to the challenge and as we know your history we hope for something good to follow. Santam thanks for keeping us entertained very well done..

  52. funny ads from both side of the table…that’s what i call a challenge and santam proved that they are up for it…well done both teams no court case will solve this only the best dis-ad will solve this one… it